WiFi Statistics
Collect, Collate, Report
Information collected for your organization will be collated and presented in a report of easy to read charts.  Each chart can be downloaded in a variety of formats for use in reports, presentations, and web pages.  Your summary report will be available to you, with up-to-the-minute graphs, through your password-protected customer portal. 
This report features charts displaying trends over time, as well as total sessions per month.  There also charts showing the days and times with the most use, which may be useful for scheduling support staff.
In addition to a standard report for each location, organizations with multiple locations will be have access to a Multi-Site Report.  This report features charts derived from the collective wireless use across all of the locations and includes charts comparing WiFi use between locations.
Knowing the types of devices your patrons carry with them can help you customize your enviroment to better suite them. This report will give you a break down of the type of devices being used on your wireless network, including device type, operating system, and web browser.
* Custom reports and charts may be requested, additional fees may apply.