WiFi Statistics
Collect, Collate, Report
Simply update your existing WiFi management system to forward patrons to a specially crafted URL we provide you, usually after an "Acceptable Use Policy".  Our system will record basic information and forward the patron to your homepage.  The process is fast and transparent to your patrons.
Information Collected
Our service will record the start time of each session and type of device used, in the most generic terms possible.  No identifying information is collected about the patron or their device.  No cookies or other means are used to further track your patron's activity.
Accessing Your Data
Through your password-protected customer portal, you will have access to a reports summarizing the data in easy to read charts.  You will also have the option to download a complete backup of the data collected for you, in a convenient CSV file.
The data collected for your organization will only be available to you.  Collected information will not be shared with 3rd parties or made publicly available, unless so requested by an authorized representative of your organization.